Tea Time

This tea towel may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s making me happy at the moment. Of course, I enjoy things that are a little rusty, crusty, well-used and full of history. It reminds me of something that might be found covered in dust inside an old, abandoned building. And that’s what I love about it.

This is a different technique I’m working on, so it’s very experimental for me. So far, I have had some good results, and I have had some duds. I am already doing more and tweaking my method here and there. Trying a new process is always fun, but it’s never guaranteed to work, and certainly not guaranteed to sell. But I keep trying new things anyway. Sometimes I juggle too many things. Maybe I lack focus, but I enjoy learning. On one hand, I may never completely master some of these new techniques, but I am always acquiring new skills and knowledge as an artist. And more skills in my “tool bag” amounts to more resources to draw on in the future.

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