Thought I would post an occassional book review here. If you are signed up for my newsletter,  I will try not to repeat.

Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor20210428_120550 (1)

Stories with rich cultures, vast landscapes, and mysteries are some of my favorites. I especially love books with deserts and journeys. And books about books. Strange, the Dreamer had all of that. The author’s colorful descriptions painted a vivid picture of the characters and environments, whether majestic, hideous or somewhere in between. To me, it seemed some elements were inspired from various religions and mythologies of the real world, which made it more “realistic” in its fantastical way.

The characters were relatable and complex, with flaws and preconceptions to overcome. The reader is allowed to see the motivations and fears that lead to poor decisions and prejudices. One of my main take-aways from the story is the importance of seeing individuals for who they are and why. Instead of projecting who we think they are. That being said, the humble beginnings and mindset of Lanzo Strange made me root for him as the underdog he was. Toward the end of the book, he lost some of that appeal. While I understand the author’s decision, I still liked him better at the beginning. I am interested to see where his character development goes from there.

As to the overall novel and the ending, well, it’s a good thing I already have the sequel.


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